Saturday, August 22, 2009

Keith Michael & the Girls

These pictures warm my heart. This is a very different Keith than when I left there in June. So thankful that he is healthy and growing. Wishing I was there to spoil him.

Moving Past the Land of the Midnight Sun

One of my four blog readers asked me this week when I was going to get out of the land of the midnight sun. And in the last week I have also been accosted by three others who said they missed my updates on here. Why, I don't know, cause I live a very ordinary life, even boring life. So, I will try to catch you up without boring you with the details.

During my trip to Alaska to see my new grandson, he took a cold and spent nine days in the hospital in Anchorage. It shook me to my very core to think that we might lose him. But thank goodness God saw fit to bring him thru and we now have a healthy, strapping boy. I was so glad that I was out there to take care of the girls so Kristy and Mike could both be with Keith.

Then, I got home to my Mom who has Alzheimer's. Around the first of July she seemed to take a plunge. We tried a nursing home but she did not adjust well, so we now have her at home with daytime help. Helping with her care and dealing with my emotions about this situation has taken up a good deal of my time. I keep reminding myself of the quote on an email I get regularly: "Life is not the way its supposed to be...its the way it is... the way we cope with it is what makes the difference." I am trying my darnedest to cope!

Add to this mixture the fact that my best friend is dealing with the illness of both her parents; Andy was in a wreck and has a messed up shoulder; and I have made several trips to the doctor with various stuff such as colds, blood pressure and now a boil on my back (no picture to post LOL).

There, now, you are all caught up. Aren't you sorry you asked? Please be assured this is no pity party because my life is truly blessed on the other hand. My Alaska family is very happy. Abby has started first grade and Lilly starts pre-school this week. Keith is growing and thriving. I am starting to try and figure out when I can go see them again.

Andy and Donna are also very happy together. They have all joined my church. Lane' was saved at summer camp this summer and baptized a couple of weeks ago. Donna is in college and working full time too. I'll be glad when she is thru and things slow down so that I can see them more. Circumstances have kept me from seeing them as much as I would like to lately.

Now I have to go to a birthday party for my adopted granddaughter, Jordan. She is now 11 years old! I remember holding her close and rocking her when she was a baby. She still gives me big hugs and smiles every time I see her.

I will try and post some pictures on here later.