Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Let's think about rules. I have always abhored having to follow the rules . . . being the free spirit that I am. Of course, I believe that everyone else has an obligation to obey the rules especially if it suits my purposes for them to do so. According to the online dictionary rule (noun) is defined as a governing power or its possession or use; authority; the duration of such power; an authoritative, prescribed direction for conduct. Whew!

Now for the reason I am thinking about rules. Parents have rules; grandparents have a relaxed set of rules. Case in point: the mattress slide. Abby, Lilly and I had a great time last night with an old twin mattress which I propped up to make a slide. I stood at the end of it to keep it from sliding off the bed it was propped on with Lilly in my arms. As Abby slid down Lilly and I laughed and smiled. We all had a great time. Well, when Mom and Dad got home, I learned that Kristy had told Abby not to play on the old mattress. But much to my delight she told Abby with a smile that she guessed there are different rules with Mammaw's. And of course, Abby and I quickly agreed.

Okay let's move on to my defense of breaking the rules. At the time of the great mattress slide marathon, I (Mammaw) was the ruling authority and it was my rule that my little subject, Abby was operating under. The rule that I set was that I had to be present in the room before the mattress slide could be used. And she followed that rule. So thanks, Mom and Dad for being flexible. We had a great time!

I await the pictures I took on your camera being published on your blog, Kristy.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Work Day at Mammaw's

As Abby says, this has been the best day ever. Abby spent the night with Mammaw (me) last night and did we ever have fun! She is an absolutely amazing child. Today as we worked outside on my porch and yard, I said "Come along, Abby". Her reply, "I'm coming along Mammaw" struck me that this is what God expects of his children. He leads and tells us to come along and we should joyfully answer with a bounce in our step saying, "I'm coming along." We must miss a lot of joy by not "coming along". If God loves me more than I love this granddaughter of mine then I am truly loved beyond measure and should always find joy in His presence. There we can walk along with Him with a bounce in our step and joy in our voice, content to just be with Him doing the simple things.

On another note I am so blessed to have Mike and Kristy, my daughter and son-in-law. They worked in my yard picking up sticks so that I can run the mower over them tomorrow afternoon. It would have taken me a week by myself to do what they did this afternoon. And it is so much more fun working with others. Thanks, you two.

Friday, March 24, 2006

New Blog Spot

Okay, so no one is reading my blog at Yahoo so I'll join the masses here. Don't expect to hear from me too often cause I live a very uninteresting life and my children are grown and would kill me if I use them for subject matter. The things that are interesting are things that I can't tell, so . . . why am I doing this then? Beats me. Guess I just don't want to miss out on anything.