Monday, February 19, 2007

Wide Awake

Isn't cold and flu season just the greatest? For the past week I have had a stuffy nose, head cold. I took to the bed on Thursday after work and only crawled out around noon on Saturday. A bottle of antihistimine cough syrup, which I swigged from liberally, kept me down for the count. That is one way to get the rest needed to recuperate. Today I am feeling almost human again.

Spring will soon be here and hopefully all the cold and flu bugs will disappear. My yard is needing lots of attention and I am itching to get out there and go to work as soon as the weather warms up just a bit. There is something theraputic about working in the yard. Maybe Abby will put on her Dora gloves and help me pick up sticks. Although she thinks the mower is much too loud when we pull the trailer.

Today I saw my youngest granddaughter at Wal Mart. It is such a joy when a baby begins to smile and laugh when you talk to them. Riley opens her cute little mouth and smiles a big, wonderful light up her face smile. It sure made my day.

Enough rambling for now. Thank goodness I have the day off tomorrow since I am caught up on my sleep for the moment. No nap tomorrow -- got to get back on schedule. Now, off to bed with a good book.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Crazy Friends

Yesterday, I was talking to a new friend and we started sharing and laughing about all the "crazy" things we do. It is such a blessing to find a new kindred spirit who loves to laugh and enjoy life. Laughter is a wonderful way to relax, heal a broken heart, deal with annoying issues, etc. Laughter is theaputic. So it is always good when I find a new friend who is not offended by my slightly warped sense of humor.

And here's to all my old "crazy" friends who still laugh with me. I love you all!