Friday, June 27, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

New Camera

A friend sold me her camera this week. It is a step up from the little pocket model I have been using, so maybe the next trip to Alaska the sheep won't be just white dots on the hillside. The only problem will be operating it. I don't do well reading instruction books. Hands on works better until I hit the wrong button. Carolyn was so sweet to help out before the trip when I went by her house in a panic. She just said push this button and all was well again. Thank goodness for the auto setting! Hopefully I can play with it some this weekend.

Fancy likes it better. Seems the reason she did not like the other camera was the noise it made when I turned it on. She always went to hide. Yesterday I made a cute little pic of her.

Bo-bo's and Moose Poop

Since Kristy was disappointed cause I did not mention the bo-bo burl, here it is:

When we walked past this example of a burl that grows on trees because of the acid in the soil, Lilly pointed and said bo-bo. Of course, we all got a laugh which lead to singing the bo-bo song. It consists of singing, "bo bo bo bo bo bo bo" to a tune that sounds sorta like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. I know you are singing it now so open up and let it fly. You will find yourself smiling as you sing. Quite a catchy little tune.

Then later in the trip, after we got moved into the house, Abby came running inside to announce that she and her Daddy had found moose poop in the backyard. She was excited about it because every time we had a moose sighting we all got excited and made pictures. And now we find a moose may be visiting the backyard! Enjoy the pic!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Eating and Shopping

Breakfast the first morning at Denali was at Rose's Cafe.

Kristy ordered two pancakes for Abby and Lilly to share. Rose said "No, trust me, one pancake." Abby was amused at Lilly who did not know what to think about the giant pancake. The omelet plates the adults ordered were also more than we could handle. The hashbrowns covered half the plate. Rose sure believes in a hearty breakfast to start the day.

Ran into this bear outside at the shopping strip. Glad it is carved and not real!

Yes, Virginia, there is a Subway in Alaska!

Supper was at Salmon Bake. The baked salmon was the best I have ever eaten. The halibut was okay. But all I can say for the steak is.....order the salmon.