Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Market Place

Here are some pictures from the new flea market which has opened in Monticello. It is located beside Queen City Furniture at the intersection of Hwy 425 and Hwy 278. There are still booths open for rent so if you have ever thought of getting into this business, now is the time.

I am excited about the direction our town is taking with all the flea market type businesses and resale shops. I will try and name the ones I can think of and if I miss one, I do apologize. There is Grannie's Attic, The Market Place, Discount Furniture houses one, Pam's store on the square (can't remember the name right now), Kay's Nest, Thrifty Chic, and Twice As Nice. And there is also the one in the old bus depot on Gaines. I hope all these shops will draw business for us from all around. More sales mean more sales tax for our city!

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